The atelier Kalama was founded in 2007 in Kinshasa by artist Henri Kalama Akulez, MA . In 2010 it was renamed to Kalama - Les ateliers réunis and is currently home to the promising young artists Ange Swana Sita, Benj Kinenga Mushila and Eddie Budiongo, all outstanding graduates of the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa. Following the new name, the atelier moved from its previous location in Kasa-Vubu to a much bigger space in Kinsuka Pêcheurs, close to the river Congo, in 2011.
The aim of Kalama - Les ateliers réunis is to promote contemporary art - art from the Congo, as the artists are of Congolese origin; but much more important art, that can measure itself against any art from all over the world. The goal is not to portray the perpetuated occurrences of some tribal and primitive and for that matter non existing in actual everyday's-Kinshasa-life) topics and symbols, but to create works of international standard, expressing whatever is inside the respective artist in the way he or she wants to. In promoting young artists Kalama - Les ateliers réunis is leading the change of the local art scene.

For more information, please download the artists' individual folders.

Eddie Budiongo

Benj Kinenga

Ange Swana